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Janet Onofrey

Pompano Beach FL

Associate Member

2011 Janet Onofrey
2011 Janet Onofrey
2011 Janet Onofrey

Before the Day Begins
20x24 Oil on board

Royal Saxon
20x24 Oil on canvas

Free as a Bird
16x20 Oil on board

We live in a time and culture where millions of images bombard our senses at incredible speeds relentlessly from everywhere. But are we really seeing? There are things we don’t see, even when we are looking straight at them, and other things we stare at obsessively, so that we are blind to everything else. This is human nature.

My plein air paintings deal with the act of seeing and the passage of time. The essence of the plein air experience is to capture a moment, using paint to express a self reflective response to a view. My subject matter is not particularly spectacular, but scenes that are routinely overlooked - the unseen. Without the distraction of people, the city’s character shines yet remains a stage for its residents and their lives.

Taking the time to actually see the subject, to connect, for a few hours, blends the moments of the act of seeing with my personal history. And in a blink of an eye, the art illuminates the object and raises the viewers’ consciousness and field of vision. To find beauty in the ordinary alters the object that is seen and transforms the seer, never to be the same.

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